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Success Story

Having a background in marketing and advertising, I understand that advertising has its limitations and even a large budget cannot overcome shortcomings in product or perception In fact, I have first hand experience that the well known saying, “Nothing will kill a bad product faster than great advertising” is true. But, for a good product with a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition), a well designed and executed campaign could be just what the doctor ordered.

Brother, the printer and supplies company, believed they had an innovative product that would be a game changer for small businesses: their new BusinessSmart Inkjet Series of Printers. Smaller, faster and more affordable than any other inkjet, Brother executives were convinced their new series would deliver a better printing experience for home offices and small to mid-sized companies.

Brother engaged PJA advertising and marketing to launch an integrated campaign to drive awareness and increase purchase consideration from its target audience. Using cable TV, digital display units, print and mobile banners, PJA drove prospects to desktop and mobile micro sites, where they could experience the benefits of the new printers and locate a store to make the purchase. Partnerships with third party publishers Forbes and Bloomberg were used to create editorial content showing how the printers worked in actual small businesses. Finally, DRTV was added to the campaign to foster a better understanding of the unique combination of features offered by the new printers.

“Brother belived they had an innovative product that would be a game changer for small businesses”

Figures were not available but PSA called the program a “Success Story”. To my knowledge, Brother has not commented officially but the proof will be in the sales of the new printers

With many companies thinking they can handle both innovation and marketing in house, it’s nice to see a good manufacturer join with a good agency and effectively bring a great new product to market. I’m personally looking forward to trying Brother’s new printers. I’ll let you know how they measure up to other Inkjets.

Until Next Time, Richard Blumberg, The Print Maven

Richard Blumberg has almost 30 years experience as a distributor of Imaging equipment and supplies. He was an owner of Richard Young Products and American Ribbon and Toner and is currently an officer of American Toner and Ink Corporation

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