An Unusual History... A Different Company




In 2010, when the country was still in a deep recession and many businesses, including distributors and manufacturers of toners and inks, were going out of business every week, three men with strong ties to the imaging supplier industry made the seemingly unwise decision to open American Toner and Ink. In spite of the odds against them, the three founders, Richard Olin, Dennis Ladoff, and Richard Blumberg, were confident they would succeed for two important reasons:


  • Their 50 years of combined experience as owner/operators of successful Imaging Supplies distribution businesses gave them advantages over most of their competitors.
  • They had strong relationships with the biggest and best manufactures.
  • In almost all cases they could provide the best products to meet the specific needs of each of their customers
  • They offered the industry's best performance guarantee
  • They refused to fall victim to the impersonal, digital revolution that substituted websites for sales people and one way emails for two way phone calls. They vowed that personal relationships with their customers would always remain the most important element of their business and the phone the most important piece of equipment


We like being different and believe we do more for our customers that just sell them a product from our website. You may not even realize that we are giving you better products and better service while saving you money because we do it so seamlessly. But all it takes is a phone call for you to find out how we are different and why you benefit from our unique way of doing business.



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