Whether you are purchasing for a University, a large School District or a Single School, we are the best solution for your particular requirements, budget and time lines. Our current education customers can take advantage of benefits such as:



  • A personal account manager
  • Beginning and end of school year stock up specials
  • Money saving compatible options for most equipment
  • Online ordering with purchase history and tracking
  • Repair and maintenance programs in most areas
  • Extra Savings on new and refurbished printers, copiers and fax machines
  • A one year guarantee on all Toner and Ink purchases

We have school and University customers in every state. We make purchasing simple and cost effective for them. We will do the same for YOUR facility


For more information on our Programs for Educational Facilities, contact:


Peter Tedeschi

Direct Phone : 954-320-6664

Fax : 954-781-4449