We have many customers in the Caribbean, Central and South America and Europe. Every day we deal with shipping alternatives, costs and time schedules that vary tremendously based on destination. All of this hard work has been repaid by the loyalty of our export customers, who always receive the same benfits as our domestic accounts. This includes:


  • Online ordering and tracking
  • Money saving compatibles for most equipment
  • A one year guarantee on all toners and ink
  • Special deals on new and refurbished printers, copiers and faxes
  • Customer only sales and discounts


We recognize that off shore businesses have a great need for our products. We also understand how trying it is to work through the continually increasing freight costs, shipping delays, customs requirements, currency conversions and other issues. While we can't make these problems disappear, we can help you significantly reduce them. Our export customers have always been among our most loyal. Let us show you why


For additional Export Information contact:

Peter Tedeschi

Direct Phone : 954-320-6659

Fax : 954-781-4449





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